Experience Camp Alamisco



What would camp be without archery? Sign up for this class, and you’ll learn the skills necessary to become a skilled archer. Challenge yourself against the instructor and other campers. From re-curves for beginners to quality archery bows, every camper has a chance to learn to be a champion archer.  Campers can even earn the Pathfinder Archery Honor to add to their collection.


Become an artist! Choose projects - ceramics, painting, woodcraft, t-shirts, etc. - that will serve as pleasant reminders of your time at camp for years to come.


Maneuver through woodland obstacles to stay in this game of intense skill. This activity is restricted to ages 12+. Parents will be required to sign a special waiver for campers participation.

Remote Control Cars

In this activity, you'll be maneuvering a remote control (RC) car around an epic outdoor track. These aren't your average RC cars; these cars can reach speeds up to 30 mph! Race with your friends and jump over obstacles in this fast-paced game of RC cars!

Team Sports

Learn to play group sports such as basketball, soccer, and flag football.

Canoeing & Paddleboarding

Pick up a paddle and follow in the footsteps of the early explorers. Mastering the techniques of canoeing will enable you to see the world from a wonderful new perspective!


You'll love learning about horses and their care as well as sitting in the saddle. So come out to the old corral, pick up the reins and take to the trails. Skill levels, horse temperament and other safety issues are carefully considered to promote camper safety at all times. Closed-toe shoes and jeans must be worn for this activity.


Explore the wild, wonderful and sometimes weird world of nature - God's second book. You go for walks in the woods, learn about the plants and animals around you, and earn Pathfinder Honors along the way. Discover what cuddly creatures are waiting for you at the Nature Center.

Swimming & Water Play Area

Fun awaits you at the swimming hole! Bounce from a giant water trampoline into the refreshing water! Advance to the next level of swimming skills with class instruction, or just float around and enjoy yourself.

Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, & Tubing

You'll have loads of excitement as qualified staff teach you how to water ski and wake board! Soon you’ll be mastering the wake like a pro! Bounce along through the waves as you ride the tube with your best friend. Hang on tight!