What time is check-in (check-out) on Sundays at camp?

Check-in is from 1:00-5:00 pm on the first day of camp, and check-out is from 9:00-11:00 am on the last day.
We kindly ask families to arrive on time for check-in so our staff can help campers get settled in their cabins, then take them down to the waterfront to complete their swim tests. When campers arrive late, it causes our whole program to run behind schedule. And, we don’t want campers to miss out on the experience that comes with the first day of camp. Our staff greatly appreciate your timely arrival!

What should my camper bring?

Your camper will need plenty of play clothes to get dirty and wet. They need long pants and closed-toe shoes for horseback riding. And remember to ALWAYS pack sunscreen and bug spray for your camper!
For a complete packing list, click HERE.

Can I call my camper during the week?

You are welcome to contact your camper anytime you like. However, frequent phone calls to your camper can sometimes cause homesickness. Also, keep in mind that your camper will be very busy with activities and boat rides, so they may not be available when you call. If that is the case, our staff will be happy to give you a report on how your camper is doing and how they are enjoying camp.
We recommend sending your camper an email, a letter, or a package of goodies to share with their friends. It’s always exciting for your child when they hear their name called during the daily mail delivery at supper time.

How do I send my camper an email?

It’s easy to send your camper an email! Just log in to the account you used to register for camp, and click on “Additional Options” from the top menu, then select “E-mail a Camper” from the drop down list. Your emails will be printed daily and delivered to your camper at supper time.

Sorry, no. We want your camper to have an amazing camp experience away from electronic devices. If your camper needs to contact you, they are welcome to come to the office and use the phone to call you. Our staff carry radios and cellphones for emergency situations only.

Can my camper keep their cellphone at camp?

My camper has special needs and/or physical restrictions. Can they still come to camp?

We welcome everyone at Camp Alamisco! However, we ask that you first contact us regarding your camper’s restrictions so that we can make arrangements for their stay. This will help us better prepare so your camper can have the best summer camp experience possible. While we do have nurses on campus at all times, we do not have the staff needed for one-on-one 24-hour care. Your camper should be able to walk to each activity (which includes walking up/down hills), and be able to participate in most activities. If extra assistance is needed as far as mobility, this can be prearranged with the Camp Director.

How much money will my camper need for the camp store?

We recommend a $25-$40 store deposit for your camper to begin with. You can always monitor your camper’s spending and add more money through your online account.

How do I add money to my camper’s store account?

It’s easy to add funds to your camper’s store account. Just log in to the account you used to register for camp, and click on “Additional Options” from the top menu, select “Camp Store” from the drop down list, and click on “Add money to the camp store/Manage store accounts”. Enter the amount you would like to add and click “Next”. The amount will be added to your cart and you can then proceed to check-out.

You can even view what items your camper has purchased. When logged on your account, click on “Additional Options” from the top menu, select “Camp Store” from the drop down list, and click on “Add money to the camp store/Manage store accounts”. Then click “History” next to your camper’s name.

What type of items are sold in the camp store?

At the Camp Alamisco Trading Post, you’ll find all sorts of goodies and souvenirs from stuffed animals, wooden whistles, and footballs, to t-shirts, backpacks, and hats. We also have treats like candy, soda pop, and ice cream. Did your camper forget their toothbrush, rain poncho, or sunscreen? Don’t worry, we have that too! Feel free to stop in on registration day and pick up a mug or water bottle for yourself! The Trading Post is always a favorite stop.

Can I change the activities my camper selected at registration?

Yes! Just log in to the account you used to register for camp, and under the reservations section within your account’s Message Center, click on the reservation you wish to edit. Next to the Activities section, click on “Edit” to choose your activities. When finished, click “Next”. Your changes will show in your cart. Select “Complete Order” to save your changes. Paintball is the only activity with an additional fee.

Why wasn’t I given the option to select activities for my camper during registration?

Adventure campers get to do all camp activities in rotation with their cabins. Because our Adventure campers are so young and may not have experienced a lot these activities before, this gives them a chance to see everything that camp has to offer. When they are old enough to attend Junior and Teen camp, they are able to pick and choose which activities they want to do each day.

When does the early bird discount end?

Our early bird discount is $35 off your summer camp registration and ends March 1st. This is a great deal you don’t want to miss out on!

When can I register my child for summer camp?

Registration is open for the following summer after each summer camp week ends. We do this so that parents have the opportunity to pay over time. And by booking the summer before, you are able to make your monthly payments as low as $32 a month!* That makes camp even more affordable which is always a good thing.

*Based on an 11 month payment plan and 2020 rates.

I want to see my camper having a great time at camp! How can I see their photos?

Every day, our photographers post at least 50 photos on our camp’s Facebook page so parents can log on any time and see their camper(s) having a blast! Our photographers do their best to capture each child in a variety of activities and games. But if you still don’t see your camper, just leave us a message and we’ll be sure to get your child’s photo posted.

Will my camper get a DVD and/or photo of the week to take home?

Absolutely! Your camper(s) will receive BOTH a DVD of the week and a photo with their counselor and cabin mates to take home. This is at no charge to you!